Day 4 of 100 Days of Tea | Bukit Cheeding by Boh Teas

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Boh is the equivalent of Twinings in South-East Asia, and this tin caught my eye on one of my forays through the local supermarkets. Its a loose leaf broken Orange Pekoe, so I used the Bodum infuser for this.

Taste-wise, its a fairly standard tasting black tea, I brewed it strong at first, 1 tsp for 5 min in 1/2 cup water, and then mixed in 1/2 cup hot milk to get a really milky black tea with no sugar.

I expected better from its packaging, but I found it to taste perfectly ordinary – no particular characteristic really stood out other than being similar to a standard breakfast teabag in flavour and taste.


It seems like it will make a good weekday breakfast tea, or situations when you just need to have a nice hot drink on-the-go, and aren’t looking for something to savour slowly.

I’d recommend trying this mixed due to its mildness, whether with other teas, coffee, or making your own fruity blends. In fact, I find combining tea & coffee gives a nice extra boost, and the flavour of the tea is mild enough that it will go nicely with an medium roast coffee.


Day 3 of 100 Days of Tea | Youthberry – Teavana

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Fruit Ninja explosion is what I thought when I first smelt this tea in the store. I was so smitten that I bought much more than I anticipated (think cash register shock), but it smells so good.

I store it in an airtight can from an old white tea, and when I do open the container my nose is in heaven. The pineapple + mango aromas are extremely STRONG in the dry tea.

The dry blend is a visual masterpiece of colour and smell, and I can see why Teavana chooses this as its sampler tea in many stores, as its one of the tea blends that make you go ooooh on first sight, the kind of tea that makes you think you can actually give up dessert for this delectable brew.


In terms of specifics, the aroma bouquet is primarily of black currants, mango, orange zest, pineapple, raspberries.

Once I pour in water though, the aromas are muted down, and as its brewing, I can smell more of the berries in the blend. Ripe berries come to mind.

The liquid packs a strong fruit punch to the nose, less so to the tongue. Its more of a candied / overripe fruit note rather than fresh fruit note.

It brews as a dark pink liquid, so may not everyone’s cup of tea (ha!), some may prefer to ‘hide’ this in a ceramic mug instead.

I could imagine sipping this down with friends over a lazy afternoon, for a great girl talk session.



Day 2 of 100 Days of Tea | Pu-erh Chrysanthemum – Golden Dragon

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Golden Dragon’s Pu-erh Chrysanthemum tea, is a very drinkable loose leaf pu-erh for every day (as opposed to a fancy aged-for-years cake). Despite being labelled as a chrysanthemum pu-erh blend, this tin lacks chrysanthemum pieces. As I’m halfway through the tin already, I am quite convinced there are no more than 10 pieces altogether in this tin – almost a 1/20 ratio in fact :P


It has a leather-aroma, if i may say so also a bit of wet cow, but not in a bad way, its just how pu-erh somehow makes otherwise unsavoury aromas seem satisfying. There is a bit of earth to it, but subtle, as the predominant aromas are of damp leather.

Brews up brown initially, but turns amber in the teapot when left for a bit to sit. Multiple brewings are definitely possible, usually I brew this about 3x per batch in my Bodum teapot for weekend movie nights, best served with a biscuit or two :)


Day 1 of 100 Days of Tea | Genmaicha – Tsaa Tea Shop

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Savoury, is the one word that comes to mind with this tea. Genmaichas are green tea mixed with toasted rice, sometimes popped which makes it look like popcorn. Its also one of the teas that opened my eyes to the possibilities of tea beyond plain old one-size-fits-all tea bags.


This genmaicha from Tsaa Tea Shop was surprisingly good. In the past, I would buy supermarket genmaichas that come in bulk packages, and the roasted rice flavour usually overwhelmed the experienced, while the green tea would be being overly astringent. The Tsaa genmaicha was well balanced instead, a mix of light green vegetal flavour with light toasted rice goodness without having one overshadow the other.

There wasn’t much astringency either, which was nice – it was very drinkable, the kind of lightness that made me feel I could drink a whole teapot of this in a on a laid-back afternoon.

When dry, the leaves are dark green needle shaped and flat, with medium brown rice grains and some popped rice grains. Steeped, the leaves unfurl a bit, releasing its light fragrance into the water.

Pairing-wise, I think it’d be great for late afternoon and evenings. Usually, I think toasted teas are good for colder weather, but because of how pleasantly light it is, even for summer evenings it would work great! In fact right this minute I can just envision this going great with some steamed edamame snacks…yum.