Darjeeling Thurbo Tea by Curious Tea | Day 31 of 100 Days

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Today’s post is about the second tea from the Curious Tea subscription box – a Darjeeling tea from the Thurbo Estate.


The Thurbo Estate is well known for producing fine quality Darjeeling teas. This tea is harvested from the 1st flush, meaning the first leaves of the season in spring. Thus 1st flush teas have the best flavour and are more highly prized.

Indian teas, have a grading system based on letters, I won’t get into it in this post as it can get more technical but in short, FTGFOP is one of the top grades, meaning it has high proportion of good quality tea buds and young leaves that have not been broken in processing = the most highly prized grade of tea. You can tell from the abundance of orange and lighter coloured leaves that are mixed in with the black tea.


As you’d expect with from all the fanfare on this packaging the tea is quite delicious. Dry or steeped, the leaves have a wonderful fruity and floral character, with dominant notes of stonefruit – peach to be exact. The liquor tastes light and refreshing. Even though this is technically a black tea, it tastes amazingly light and refreshing, even when brewed up the liquor is a faint peach toned clear liquid. It has virtually no dryness or astringency that you’d associate with black teas. Although Darjeeling is technically a black tea, because in processing it is less oxidized than other black teas, the tea doesn’t develop the malty taste that other black teas, which are fully oxidized, have.

With its fruity, floral bouquet, I’d say this Darjeeling lives up to the reputation that Darjeeling teas have as the ‘champagne’ of teas. Drink this and you’ll be sniffing, and swirling the tea without even knowing it!


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