Ceylon Tea Vithanakande Estate by Capital Tea Ltd | Day 27 of 100 Days of Tea

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Sri Lanka, formerly known as Ceylon, produces some gems in the world of tea, even though tea is relatively new as an agricultural crop when you compare their history to that of China or India.

This tea from Capital Tea Ltd. is harvested from the Vithanakande Estate.

The leaves are sorted well, being of a uniform size, and are twisted nicely, looking quite good even though this particular tea is a BOP grade. BOP stands for broken orange pekoe, which is one level below whole leaf orange pekoe. BOP indicates that the leaves have been broken up and not kept whole.



1 heaping tsp of tea

250 mL of freshly boiled water

Steep for 3 min


Tea notes:

The top notes are malt, honey, caramel; some sweet potatoes as well in the mid notes. It has a smooth, full-bodied texture, very satisfying sweet-savoury presence that goes well in the morning.  The finish is smooth with hints of dryness at the end, not too astringent.

I did a second and 3rd infusion, and can note that the tea gets increasingly drying (unsurprisingly) with subsequent infusions, while the caramel/malty flavour is still there, just a tad weaker.

What I enjoyed about this tea is how it isn’t the brisk type of tea one normally associates with breakfast, that has you reaching for milk and sugar immediately, but instead goes down smoothly. I drank this tea straight, for all 3 infusions and it was quite pleasant on its own each time.

My pairing suggestion for this tea? Definitely something you can serve with brunch! Think eggs, hash browns, toast, pancakes, etc.


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