Finding myself in hot water again and again!

I grew up in a tea drinking culture, but my parents were seriously hung up on only jasmine tea and oolong tea, so I never really had much exposure to other teas when younger. However, my horizons expanded when I moved to Japan and discovered genmaicha (roasted rice tea aka popcorn tea) and matcha. After that, I discovered black teas, red teas, and flavoured teas, how different teas could be by the region, processing methods, water used.

Now I can’t get enough of it.

I experiment with different teas, blending them sometimes to see what the outcome would be. I find my tastes to be quite diverse, but I do run away from the floral side of teas. Tie Kwan Yin is probably the only one that most people seem to enjoy, that I don’t. Otherwise I am game for most teas. Fruity? love it. Smoky? Mmm. Earthy? bring it on! Light and vegetal? Keep on pouring!